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By ZAMEER P , October 21, 2014  3 hours ago

would like to know whcich color combination of exterior wall. kindly advice me

Texture Selection

By Piyush Sheth , October 20, 2014  1 day ago


I have recently painted my house and used Pure Ivory color in my living room.

I want to have one wall textured to make it difference and attractive.

I have seen number of patterns and color combinations fo....

Exterior wall painting

By ZAMEER P , October 17, 2014  4 days ago

Which color combination using at exterior walls? kindly advice?

Damp Block

By jeetendra kumar , October 13, 2014  8 days ago

Can I use dampblock to water proof my overhead drinking water tank?

Regarding Colour Shades

By MUKUL SHAH , October 12, 2014  9 days ago

I want to know how many colour shades do you have in all? Can you Plz tell about the booklet & if it is free of cost or not. If it is free can you send it to my given address?