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Protective Coating

By Kruti Haria , September 18, 2014  2 days ago

I am looking for a protective coating for a building in Lavasa. This region recieves very heavy rainfall and I'm looking for a product that can provide adequate protection from the wear and tear due to exposure to rain for a long period of time.Kind....

Interior Painting of Our Flat in Noida

By Suneet Harneja , September 18, 2014  2 days ago

Dear Sir,

We have to get our flat in Sector 15A Noida interiors incl walls, ceiling, doors, windows, cupboards etc, completely re-painted before end-Nov 2014 before an important family function.

Can you have someone contact me immediat....

Query regarding color shades

By Anshul Natani , September 17, 2014  3 days ago


Can you please let me know which color shades are used in the attached pic. I want to do the same color in my master bedroom



Need to paint my house , No responses from the multiple channels that you have

By Nitin Paranjape , September 16, 2014  4 days ago

Some one needs to contact me urgently , i need to paint my house , It is frustating to try and contact your sales folks, call centre etc etc

Complementary colours

By Beenal Trivedi, September 16, 2014  4 days ago

where can I find complementary colour for my favourite shade on asian paints website?