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Bath tub crack sealing

By Shambhu Calanguutkar , November 15, 2014  6 days ago

My plastic(? not sure whether it is plastic or Teflon but surely not ceramic) bath tub has developed a 3 inch crack. It was installed around 10 years back and is used daily. The sand below the tub has washed off and when you step on it, it bends. L....

masking/retouching a neon green wall

By Ankur Tripathi , November 13, 2014  8 days ago

Hello! we have a re-paint work going on at our home. in one of the rooms, we have got a central wall coloured in 'sunrise (0526)' colour, while other 3 surrounding walls in 'neon light (7776)' colour. this 7776 colour was looking like light khaki co....

interior and exterior paints

By shikha rao , November 11, 2014  10 days ago

kindly provide the information within 2-3 days sir/madam as i have to prepare a report and present.i promise that the information provided by you would be kept confidential in our university.thank you.

regarding exterior and interior paints and their various packaging units

By shikha rao , November 11, 2014  10 days ago

sir/ mam i would like to ask that in royale segment specially for interior and exterior how many different varieties are available and in what packaging sizes.for example if taking royale paint of red colour it is available in how many packaging siz....

I want to make painting my new home.

By Subalt Nazareth , November 06, 2014  15 days ago

I have new house. I cannot select which paint is suitable for that house. I have to send the photos. please take care and send the suggestions as soon as possible.