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suitable paint

By kathir d , July 31, 2014  1 day ago

hello sir i just want to know which paint is suitable for my new home plz help ....

i want heat reduce paint for my cement sheet home and what is the instructions for applying the paint plz help as soon as possible

thank you

colour code for the image

By VAMSHI KRISHNA , July 30, 2014  2 days ago


I want to paint my home and saw one image on google and liked the colour. Could you please let me know what is the colour code for this. I am uploading the picture here. I want exact same colour.

Guide us for exterior painting

By KONICA PARAMASIVAM , July 26, 2014  6 days ago

We are constructing my home at closure to seashore approx. 2 KMs distance, salty breeze, kindly advice us which colour and type of paint you are suggest us, we are planning to paint on 31.07.14, interior we have selected IVORY 0315, essence 8099, fo....

exterior wall paint

By kushal hirani , July 24, 2014  8 days ago

I want to paint exterior wall of my home, pls. Suggest me can it be done in monsoon!! And if yrs then which colour with benefits...

I hv heard something about cement color pls tell me something about that also...

Exterior paint

By Poonam singh , July 23, 2014  9 days ago

I want to paint my home( exterior) with apex ultima. The area of my home is 7500 to 8000 daft.What would be the total cost.