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confusing in selecting colours for wall

By Anuradha Amat , September 26, 2014  5 days ago

gud evng sir,

I want a favour from ur side in selecting colours for my living room.would you plz suggest some warm colours for my hall bearin blue colour ceiling and white borders.

colour sahde code or name

By Beenal Trivedi, September 25, 2014  6 days ago

Would you please let me know the colour shade name&code of the house in your advertisement.

"Asian paint Pulluvan"

Interior Painting

By VINAY SETHIA , September 24, 2014  7 days ago

please suggest us, how to paint our house and what different color we can use for different bedrooms, we have three bedroom, a living room and the kitchen

Protective Coating

By Kruti Haria , September 18, 2014  13 days ago

I am looking for a protective coating for a building in Lavasa. This region recieves very heavy rainfall and I'm looking for a product that can provide adequate protection from the wear and tear due to exposure to rain for a long period of time.Kind....

Interior Painting of Our Flat in Noida

By Suneet Harneja , September 18, 2014  13 days ago

Dear Sir,

We have to get our flat in Sector 15A Noida interiors incl walls, ceiling, doors, windows, cupboards etc, completely re-painted before end-Nov 2014 before an important family function.

Can you have someone contact me immediat....