L Shaped Modular Kitchen


L Shaped Modular Kitchen

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Just as the name suggests, the "L" shaped modular kitchen design is a fan favourite among most homeowners around the world! A simple reason is efficiency. We provide a fully customized experience to give you that special zing for your modular kitchen design. Each design is different and we make sure we capture the essence of your personality to match with that of your kitchen. With a range of renowned brands to choose from, get the best in class equipment and design or personalize according to your style. The designs are dreamy, gorgeous and absolutely spot on for that perfect "L" shape. Space saving, exceedingly efficient in design, discover our range today!

Features of L shaped modular kitchen

True to it's name, the "L"shape is named solely because of the literal "L" shape of the countertop. It gives you ample space to move around and work as methodically as you would like. On top of that, it gives you abundant space for all the gadgets and appliances you need to help you work quicker in the kitchen. Exceptionally well placed cabinets, an ideally placed sink, and still a lot of space left to fill with the necessary equipment to aid you in your kitchen adventures!

Essentials of a Modular Kitchen Design - L Shape

Talking about the absolute essentials for the perfect "L" shaped kitchen, the type of materials used all around the kitchen would top the list. Ease of assembly and repair is another essential component which most homeowners tend to forget. Each door-knob, handle, storage unit placed to perfection to ensure the smoothness in the workflow is a must. Using the best quality in every corner of the kitchen is wise for a long lasting, head-ache free experience. 


The best thing about "L" shaped modular kitchens is you can choose across any budget based on the best fit for your need. Choosing the right budget is essential to get the ultimate design that you have in your mind. The best way to choose a budget is to figure out the absolute essentials and minimizing unnecessary expenditures which is a common tendency of impulsive buyers especially when it comes to appliances. Here at Beautiful Homes, we make sure to help you utilize the budget as judiciously as possible to provide you with a durable, functional and timeless design to match. 


Choosing the perfect layout is yet another important basic to help with the look of the kitchen. A better looking kitchen helps a long way! Another reason to use a logical layout is for efficient space saving and more importantly ensuring there are no interruptions to the work flow. Even though the shape is essentially an "L" in every iteration, there are a variety of ways in which this can be achieved. Choosing the right one, according to your needs is always step one!


As mentioned before, materials are the most important thing to look out for when building the "L" shaped modular kitchen. A simple reasoning behind it is longevity! The better the materials, the longer the kitchen would stay the way it looks the first time you build it. There are many different materials which can be used for a fancy modular kitchen like marble, granite and wood to name a few. The finish of the materials is what brings out the shine which you see in your dream kitchen.

What is L shaped Modular Kitchen?

The word "L"in the name refers to the orientation of the countertops in the kitchen. This is one of the most common and efficient design orientation available to design the kitchen. L shape kitchen designs are decently priced and are effective in the longest run.

What is estimate cost of L shaped Modular Kitchen?

L Shaped kitchen can range from extremely budget friendly designs to the most intricate designs made using the choicest materials depending on the kind of design that has been chosen. But fret not, our versatile range allows you to access low cost options that are always available to aid you in building your dream kitchen.

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