Waterproofing Window: Waterproof your Window & Glass Frames to avoid Stains


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Waterproofing solutions

Easy Guide To Waterproofing Window And Glass Frames

Do you fancy modern decor with transparent glass, clean lines, and floor-to-ceiling windows? Agreed, the trendy, minimalistic look does get a lot of attention - but is the feasibility and  maintenance making you think twice? The secret to long-lasting sturdiness of these structures is mostly dependent on the sealant used, and the Asian Paints SmartCare Unyverseal GP is a unique sealant designed for just the job.

When picking a sealant, it is important to consider the area in which it will be used. For example, windows and glass joints are delicate areas that are constantly exposed to harsh environment conditions and heavy usage.

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The consistency of the sealant is crucial because oftentimes it needs to be applied in very delicate settings. A non-sag, high density  sealant is preferred in such cases because of its thickness and ability to not drip away, even if applied on vertical joints.


Sealant gun crack covers floor wall - Asian Paints

unyverseal-gp-6784 Unyverseal GP - sealant - Asian Paints

The Asian Paints SmartCare Unyverseal GP is a general purpose sealant, and a one-stop-solution for all quick and nifty waterproofing fixes in the house.

  • • It is a one component silicone sealant with a superior drying rate of  2 mm per day at 25-27°C temperature.

  • • Highly water-resistant and UV-resistant with effective waterproofing and protection.

  • • It cures with atmospheric moisture and forms a highly durable and flexible rubber seal with a joint movement of 25%.

  • • Anti-fungal guarantee with ISO 846 certified protection and it’s mold-resistant properties make it suitable for application in kitchen spaces too

  • • Low shrinkage of less than 5 % and wide temperature resistance after curing of -50 °C to +120 °C.


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