A Lasting Impression

For months, there is no sign of anything in the clear skies of Ahmedabad. Yet there comes a day unmarked by any calendar, where you see a lone kite flying in the distance. From atop a medieval shrine somewhere, stands a boy who flies his carefully cut kite into the distance. That is the moment where the blue of the sky begins to change its colour. Once one kite flies, you begin to see a hundred others scattered across town. People from all walks of life, across all ages, through parts of town that are old and new begin to lift their spirits in an unconditional unity, that is delicately flying in the form of a kite.


As we see the kites grow in number, as we see a burst of colour through clear blue skies. There’s a man who works tirelessly to make all kinds of wonderful kites. His name is Pappubhai Rasoolbhai and his family has been making kites for seven generations now. What started off as a simple need first turned into a melting point of creative ideas for the Rasoolbhai family and then became the artist’s every voice and expression. Pappubhai has used his skill of kites to show support to many of the nation’s causes. He has built kites to support the armed forces, communities that are going through tough times and for the better hood of the nation as a whole.


Soon enough, the sky is filled with clouds of kites and as the melee of joy spreads outside. Pappubhai carefully cuts through another of his intricate creations. This is a design that showcases the outline of a man and a woman facing each other and instead of using a print or a sticker or even markings that are sketched earlier on paper. Pappubhai expertly cuts the design through his scissors and does it for multiple pieces of paper at once, leaving no room for mistakes and showcasing the work of a true master.


This mastery of Pappubhai is the stuff of legends in the streets of Ahmedabad. So much so that there is a great sense of anticipation to see him fly his latest creations in the occasion of Uttarayan. Each one of them in awe, staring at the array of rainbows , all made at home.


As Pappubhai begins to fly his latest works of craftsmanship and colour, the world around him also is pulled together in an astounding sense of unity. All of Ahmedabad coming together, building kites of all kinds and showing intricate skill in carefully glazing the thread that will fly them. This sense of unity can be seen in the smiles that are shared on the streets and the colours that are now spread across the sky.


Today anyone can do anything. Pradhan chooses to chase the challenge of making extraordinary pieces, not just for the world to have them. But to store them in his rusty trunk of treasure. 


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