There is this fleeting moment of magic by the sea before the last rays of the sun fade. The shore begins to empty and the waves seem to dance only for themselves. Intense Ocean, the colour of the year, captures our need to sometimes dance only for ourselves.

At a time when political, social, economic and environmental unrest is on the simmer, and expression is on overdrive, we need a minute to take it all in. To connect with how we feel. When every choice we make is analysed to say something about us — the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the posts we share — we yearn for the space to explore who we really are. We long for a pause, even if it is just for a second, to empty ourselves. Away from the noise; where we can just be, without opinion or judgement. In this evolving search for ourselves, we dive deeper, not just in conversation with our inner world but that which we are a part of.

Intense Ocean. Lapping distant sands, washing ashore forgotten stories from its depths. Its rhythm soothing, its colour, layered. Greener than blue, bluer than grey. The green, stable and enduring like the colour of the Anahata Chakra (the heart chakra in yogic tradition); the blue, deep and calm; and the grey undertone, mature — brightening the soft and softening the harsh. If the pursuit of balance had a hue, it would be this. Reflecting the mood of a people waiting to exhale, Colour of the year paints the hope and resolve of the times we live in, in one fluid stroke.


Greener than blue, bluer than grey, a colour with an inner balance that’s hard to articulate, but easy to feel.