Masters Gallery 2021
The Best Projects of the Year

Masters Gallery 2021

The Masters Gallery

Take a tour of the most inspiring projects of the year, created with Asian Paints ColourPro. Our annual showcase celebrates architects and interior designers from across the country. Discover in-depth video and photo shoots that not only reveal the design philosophy behind these projects, but also the people.

Uma Acres

  • Ahmedabad
  • By: Darshan Group
  • Principal Architect: Shailesh Desai & Darshan Desai | Photos: Inclined_Studio

Inspiration strikes while scrolling. One peek inside this Ahmedabad home designed by the Darshan group, and you will fall in love with its modern, characterful and utilitarian interiors. The team has conceptualized the house with the right amount of colour, greenery and soothing textures. The 3650 square ft. two-storeyed villa houses a living room, a guest bedroom, a kids’ bedroom and a master bedroom. The house is the perfect oasis of comfortable luxury and welcoming warmth.

Residential Video Tours

Step inside some of the most beautiful and innovative homes in the country, with the help of our video tours. Watch the architects and interior designers behind these projects decode their design thinking and inspiration.

Indian Manor

Indian Manor Indian Manor

Thakur Udayveer, chief architect of Space Race Architects, walks us through the larger-than-life Indian Manor. Over to him…

The European Country

The European Country The European Country

Drawing inspiration from old English style design, Chitralekha Biswas, principal architect of CeeBee Design Studio walks us through this unique abode…


Sarvatobhadra Sarvatobhadra

Sarvatobhadra’s long pillars in the peripheral construct are distinctive and well-substantiated from inside and reflects the strengthened traditions.

More Video Tours

From hospitality to retail, meet architects & interior designers who’ve pushed boundaries and challenged conventions through their projects. Find out what went behind making them through this in-depth look.

Residential Photo Stories

Explore picture-perfect homes and the names behind them through this special series. Join these architects and designers as they take you through each room to explain the process that went into creating them.



Principal architect, Manu Sood walks us through the holiday home inspired by European architecture…

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Swapnakunj Bungalow

Swapnakunj Bungalow

What do you call a residence that is a dichotomy of modern design elements and traditional Vastu ideologies? We call the abode ‘Swapnakunj.’

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Suncourt House

Suncourt House

Conceiving a home that encompasses varied temperaments takes skill. And it's mastered with aplomb, it's a masterpiece called Suncourt House.

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The Waterfall House

The Waterfall House

The Waterfall House is a sheer delight, as visitors tend to assume the inner sanctum of the house to be larger than the place it’s built on.

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Residential Photo Stories

T House

T House T House

Explore the contemporary home with Principal Architect, Studio Course - Kalpak Shah as he discusses the design elements.

Villa Nostalgia

Villa Nostalgia Villa Nostalgia

Vishal Dhiman, the principal designer of Designers Arch, gave us a tour of this unapologetically glamourous farmhouse. Over to him…


Bougainvillea Bougainvillea

Chief Architect of SJA – Swapnil Jaggi, explained the idea behind every nook of this European style villa. Let’s deep dive…

More Photo Stories

They’ve set the bar high with this one. Discover projects that are one of a kind, from different categories.

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