CQ&A #07 What is the value of an architect – to a client, to the city? ft. MuseLAB and Patch Design Studio:Find out with Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani; and Ipsit Patel and Rika Chaudhry.

Workspace 20 Jul 2018

CQ&A #07 What is the value of an architect? ft. MuseLAB and Patch Design Studio

Until a few decades ago, it was the contractors and builders who built a building, and homeowners and decorators who furbished the interiors. But with architecture and interior design becoming a trained degree and a valued profession, this has gradually changed. But has the true potential of architects been recognised in India? CQ talks to MuseLAB Design Engine and Patch Design Studio. Watch and find out.

In the five year of bachelors in architecture, architects are taught basics of everything from construction techniques to urban planning, from dealing with materials, to analysing and writing. Yet architects are seen as a fringe of the building community and not much more. Often times it takes clients till the end of a project to value the architect’s work. But as people become more aware, well-travelled and open to the new, are times changing? Are people recognising the value of architects in the community? What, according to architects, is their role?

Find out with  Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani; and Ipsit Patel and Rika Chaudhry.

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