In Beyond, Daan Roosegaarde offers “techno poetry” to ease your layover:BEYOND by Roosegaarde adds new dimension to Schiphol Airport with 3D clouds and Dutch light

Lab 25 Jan 2017

Beyond, by Daan Roosegaarde brings “Techno Poetry” to the Schiphol Airport

Daan Roosegaarde's latest installation of “techno-poetry” at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, augments reality with a walk along clouds. Inspired by the Dutch Golden Age of Landscape Paintings, it is the largest lenticular painting worldwide sized at 160 billion pixels.

Daan Roosegaarde is known as an artist and innovator who occupies the sweet spot between Art and Science. His previous designs such as the Smog Free Project, Van Gogh Bike Path, the Sustainable Dance Floor, to name a few, are case-in-point for what he calls “techno poetry”.


As he said in an interview, “I think being an artist or a designer on one hand is the world of poetry, dreams, of new ideas; and on the other hand there’s a desire to make it happen, to test it, put it out there in the public and to have an impact. ‘techno-poetry’ is about merging the worlds of poetry and pragmatism and using technology not only as a purely informational tool, but to trigger the imaginative side, the Leonardo Da Vinci side of ourselves, to explore, to make, and to be curious. I think the element of poetry is really important — and I miss that in today’s world.”

When the Schiphol Airport authorities approached him to revamp a blank wall, Daan used state of the art technology in lenses and LED lighting systems, that transformed from mere hardware into an interactive piece of art. Meant to evoke the imagination of travellers the aerial landscape changes depending on which angle one looks at it from. At the centre is Roosegarde’s nod to Salomon van Ruysdael, a prolific artist from the Dutch Golden Age and the typical golden clouds. The remaining expanse showcases ‘international clouds’ to connect and welcome diverse visitors to Netherlands.

It took two-and-a-half years of experimentation, testing, prototyping to arrive at the perfect lighting to simulate the natural look of the clouds. Attention to detail is another key quality of Daan’s designs. As shared in the press release, “together with a team of experts, Roosegaarde worked on a unique printing technology using lenses that produce perspective and movement effects when the work is observed from different angles, creating a groundbreaking visual “augmented reality” space. Its 3D effect is enhanced by yellowish-white LED lamps embedded in the wall, creating a space that is both physical and poetical.”

Daan and his fellow designers at Studio Roosegarde, worked closely with engineers, to perfect the notion of depth and movement. Although, the actual installation is a mere 10 centimeters in depth, visually it appears to be infinite. Using today’s technology Daan continues the age old fascination we humans have with light and dimension.

The permanent installation is open to the public and can be seen at Departure Hall 3 of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Daan’s hope is that “looking at the clouds, people start dreaming again and find their own stories in them...Visitors reactions have been super enthusiastic: people play with the wall, and start mentally preparing for their journey into the clouds whilst looking at the artwork. Kids in particular are amazed and try to grab the clouds and follow them. If you look closer there are many shapes, even one which looks like the shape of Holland. Through Beyond people stop and wonder at the beauty of our skies.”

In Beyond, Daan Roosegaarde offers “techno poetry” to ease your layover:BEYOND by Roosegaarde adds new dimension to Schiphol Airport with 3D clouds and Dutch light

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