News 27 Feb 2017

The new Busride Design Studio + Quicksand Studio Lab at Goa

Mumbai-based The Busride Design Studio and Delhi-based Quicksand Studio find a new home at the recently set up Greenhouse at Socorro, Goa. The Busride Lab explores work at the intersection of Art, Design and Architecture with a healthy disrespect for sanity. Quicksand will be migrating a few of their more tangential projects, like the ongoing Antariksha Sanchar video-game, and other Arts and Humanities inquiries to the new space.

The Busride Design Studio, founded by brothers Zameer and Ayaz, along with Quicksand Studio have together set up a collaborative lab in Goa called The Greenhouse. This Lab, like the work of both studios and their respective founders, puts research and experimentation at the centre of its practice. Everyday as Mumbai and Delhi, two of the biggest metropolitans in the country, stretch ones creative boundaries with the multiple opportunities and inspirations they offer, they also squeeze our pockets due to dearth of affordable spaces to experiment in, therefore cramming up one’s creativity. Hence a move to a quieter place that gives one more liberty of space seems wise.

“The way we work is we like to create prototypes of the projects, sometimes for commercial work, sometimes studio explorations. We found it increasingly difficult to actually be able to do that in Mumbai because the spaces were not big enough and were too expensive,” admitted Zameer. It is true that the longer one stays in an Indian metropolitan, the more difficult it becomes to find affordable spaces while dealing with commercial realities. So these creative folks decided to shift their R&D processes to Goa. As the Lab goes through its first few months since its birth, work happens with the same zeal and at the same pace as before at the respective studios of Quicksand in Delhi / Bangalore and The Busride in Mumbai.

We wait for more updates on what exactly is going on at The Greenhouse in Goa, but for now we will have to make do with these occasional bursts of information we receive from their social media accounts.

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