Showcase 30 Jan 2016

A Technicolour Makeover

Pavitra Rajaram uses vivid colour and visual metaphors to revitalise The Asian Paints Technology Centre.

The Asian Paints Technology Centre is at the centre of developments at this trail blazing company, so when we received a brief to give the space a facelift we were very excited, we knew instinctively that this was a story that we wanted to share.

The Idea 

The design idea took off from Asian Paints essential DNA—the notion that technology is at the heart of innovation at Asian Paints. This standpoint is at the root of the Asian Paints brand and is what makes it fundamentally strong. The idea of this core DNA is powerful, as is the manner in which it sweeps through the landscape.


The Outcome 

A kaleidoscope of colour upon high-rise buildings gives rise to a leaping figure that transforms the front facade with a band of vibrancy and energy. This colour seeps into the building where new textures and finishes are exhibited on a large-scale installation of a DNA molecule. The splashes of vibrancy on the walls of the main foyer lead us to the conference room where the history of Asian Paints is unfolded in a wall collateral.



Continuing the Metaphor 

The main porch also has an interesting installation: a web of DNA molecules linked together to make a giant screen, constructed out of the lids of Asian Paints paint cans in the signature brand colours. 

God is in the Details 

Small details, such as the security cabin and the curbstone pathway are all integrated into the design of this space and make it stand out like a beacon in the overall landscape. The coffee tables in the reception hall too, fit in with this theme of DNA structure. The various hexagons exhibit the newest in the company’s fast growing wood finishes range.

The overall feeling is one of energy, exuberance and innovation; key attributes of this dynamic space that is the core of Asian Paints.

Contributor: Pavitra Rajaram is the Creative Head of Pavitra Rajaram Design. The firm focuses on providing strategic design consulting, product design in textiles and tableware, global product sourcing, visual merchandising, and styling services to premium brands in the lifestyle design space.



All images courtesy Pavitra Rajaram Design



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