Asian Paints Colour of the Year: Intense Ocean:Intense Ocean. Lapping distant sands, washing ashore forgotten stories from its depths. Its rhythm soothing, its colour, layered. Greener than blue, bluer than grey. The green, stable and enduring like the colour of the Anahata Chakra (the heart chakra in yogic tradition); the blue, deep and calm; and the grey undertone, mature — brightening the soft and softening the harsh. If the pursuit of balance had a hue, it would be this. Reflecting the mood of a people waiting to exhale, Colour of the ye

Showcase 17 Feb 2017

Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2017: Intense Ocean, ColourNext 2017

Madder Red, a colour that travelled the world last year bids goodbye as the fiery sun dips into velvet waters, making way for Intense Ocean. Presenting Colour of The Year 2017, Intense Ocean, a constant reminder of the transient moments we catch and miss everyday. With the waves twirling into a dance of their own, from gentle washes across the shore to stern laps over each other, pieces of filtered light weave patterns across the ocean while the skies turn into a calming palette. The air enveloped with salt disperses into a rhythm across the vast coast lined with footprints, as warm sand runs through our fingers. Intense Ocean, the Colour of the Year 2017, seizes the jiffies that we spend dancing for ourselves as the clamour passes by.

A powerful tool at the heart of the Indian design industry’s requirements, ColourNext was first compiled in 2003. Since then, Asian Paints puts together a predictive palette each year collaborating with some of India’s finest design minds. Based on evaluations of consumer behaviour and their impact on colour choices, this year’s palette is its most comprehensive yet. But it’s not just about a palette. ColourNext’s declaration of the Colour of the Year 2017 is a defining moment for the hues that will make their way to our lives. Intense Ocean, the colour for 2017, brings together soothing tones with an underlying sense of mystery.

At a time when social, political, economic and environmental unrest are to the brim, finding a moment filled with silence is almost unmanageable. Our days are filled with tracking likes and reading headlines and in a jungle of constant pings; we continue to crave a breath of fresh air. Intense Ocean opens up the space to delve deep, away from the noise, into forgotten stories and distant thoughts. The lushest blues come together to paint our year with strokes of serenity. The mellowest greys create a soft undertone balancing the passion of the depth with the lightness of the surface. The freshest greens from the Anahata Chakra (the heart chakra in yogic tradition) are charged to endure, providing stability.

Bringing in textures that dot the shores, colours that daub the sky and materials that string in balance, the predictive palette hopes to fill the year ahead with opulent hues that will help awaken the expressions hidden inside heavy treasure chests at the core of the human mind. Intense Ocean is about reviving the lost stillness and rousing quiet confidence within. Reflecting the mood of the planet and its people, the colour incites a need to exhale while painting sunlit strokes for the days to come.