Showcase 13 Feb 2019

ColourNext 2019: Stay Woke with Awakening, an earthy shade of plum

Since 2003, Asian Paints has been putting together a predictive colour palette in collaboration with the finest design minds in India, with valuable inputs from consumer behaviour and colour choices. Departing from the happy, calming yellows of Passion Flower of 2018, this year, a more mature, aware shade of plum – Awakening – takes the centrestage, embodying a courageous, optimistic and woke vibe.

In a day and age where people all over the world are increasingly becoming aware of issues, and promote socially progressive views, woke has become more than just a social justice warrior’s most-preferred hashtag. Social media activism no longer carries a negative connotation; in fact, it has established itself as the most powerful tool for driving change. Businesses too have taken a page out of this book, and are running with ‘woke’ as a business plan and advertising briefs. After all, not being woke in a world where a heightened state of social, political and cultural awareness is the new normal, is simply uncool.

Resonating this, the ColourNext 2019 Colour of The Year is an earthy shade of plum, aptly titled Awakening. The subtle yet strong colour reflects the dynamism of being woke, of rebelling for the right causes, of believing that change is just around the corner and being will to work hard for it.

It combines the dignity, power and optimism of purple with the humility and maturity of brown to create a sense of courage to be the change that the world needs. Not only does Awakening infuse warmth within spaces, it does so with an impeccable sense of maturity – perfect for the responsible, woke millennials that identify with the ‘awakening’ the colour embodies.

Shades of purple are often associated with the calmness of blue, the fierce energy of red, evocative of power, ambition, pride, wisdom, and even magic. Awakening brings all of this together, with undertones of the aligning to a value system that wants to act for the right causes, reject the wrong, question injustice and speak up for those whose voice is drowned out in a crowd.

This year, the message is clear – stay courageous, optimistic and woke with Awakening, the Colour of The Year.

Check out the ColourNext website for more details on the colours and trends that are expected to make a splash in 2019.

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