CQ&A #08 The Good and The Bad parts of running a design business in India:What's it like to run a design business? The advantages and the challenges explained by Rooshad Shroff, Maria León and Kayzad Shroff.

Showcase 14 Aug 2018

CQ&A #08 Running a Design Business in India: The Bad vs The Good, ft. Rooshad Shroff and SHROFFLEóN

When we think about design, we usually think about ideas, processes and the end result. We forget that architecture or design, like every other practice, is also a business. But is it like every other business? What are the unique challenges it faces and the unique advantages that it enjoys?

Most young designers and architects dream of the day when they’d start their own design studio. What is not taught in design school and often easily missed out when working under another designer, is that a successful design studio is a successful BUSINESS. To get some seasoned opinion on the matter, we asked those who have done this for a while now, and successfully so.

Designers and Architects Kayzad Shroff and Maria León of SHROFFLEóN, and Rooshad Shroff, who runs an eponymous studio, give us their take on the good and bad sides of running a design business in India.

"Everything is possible. In the last minute, a hundred things can happen."Rooshad Shroff.

"There is no real structure. So sometimes things can even be better than what you expected." Kayzad Shroff.

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