Suman Sorg

A view of The Grand Arch at night.

The interior of a residential unit at The Grand Arch.

The central clubhouse at Skyon.

Showcase 31 Jan 2013

Suman Sorg’s modern approach to architecture

Suman Sorg creates thoughtful contemporary architecture that explores spatial, material, and visual experiences.

Suman Sorg is the Chief Designer of Sorg Architects, a full service, international design firm offering architectural design services, interior design, urban planning, historic preservation, and construction management, with offices in Washington and New Delhi. With a strong commitment to thoughtful contemporary architecture that explores spatial, material, and visual experiences, her work is contextually relevant, modern, and sculptural.

Suman Sorg was born in New Delhi, and came to live in the United States in 1968. Her father, a high-ranking official in the Indian government, had worked with legendary modernist architects Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier on university buildings in India. When she was in high school, he steered his daughter towards a career in architecture. 

“I took it up and it turned out to be just the right thing,” said the architect who now operates offices in Washington and New Delhi. “I asked him later why he recommended architecture, and he said that I was very artistic.” 

She now has three new high-rise commercial and residential buildings under construction in India, all expected to be completed within the next year and a half. The Grand Arch, Sector 62, and Skyon—each uniquely suited to India’s natural and cultural climate—will bring high quality, contemporary architecture to the burgeoning New Delhi satellite district of Gurgaon.

“Our philosophy is one of designing for the site and its context—within its geological and urban fabric,” she said. 

Established by Sorg in 1986, Sorg Architects is one of the largest woman-owned architecture firms in the United States. Suman Sorg runs the firm with her 30 year old daughter, Nikki Sorg. “We’re a firm that’s always had a very strong sense of place, of roots, and of keeping that in view even as we look to the future in our design practice,” she said.  “These three new commissions in India give us a chance to demonstrate both of these instincts.”

When she’s not engaged in designing high-rises in her native India, Sorg takes time to paint, on canvases both large and small. Eschewing brushes, she paints in oils with her bare hands. “I paint, or dream about painting, every day,” she said. “I like what it teaches me. It kind of has a mind of its own—it becomes a client, and actually controls what you do with it.”

The Grand Arch

The Grand Arch is a landscaped high-rise that offers more than 890 units of housing including a clubhouse, all contained within four corner towers that are 26 to 28 stories tall. It is inspired by the symmetrical Mughal architecture of India, for example, as seen  in the Taj Mahal with its central structure surrounded by four minarets.

Sector 62

Sector 62 is a commercial office tower with a cool modern look and high energy efficient construction. A two story base houses highend retail, with 14 floors and 2,50,000 square feet of office suites atop, clad in an irregularly gridded, curtain wall façade. The project is centred around a lush and tropical retail piazza, open to the sky. Adjacent outdoor terraces will be available for al fresco dining.


Skyon is a 22 acre landscaped residential development with a 44 story multi-unit tower with row housing, single family homes, a clubhouse, entertainment and leisure spaces, a healthcare centre, and a number of retail storefronts. Sorg Architects provided the design for the whole ensemble, as well as the master plan for an additional Phase II section of 500 acres for future development.


• All images courtesy Sorg Architects

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