CQ&A #05 ft. Apartment 701 by SHROFFLEóN:For the final project profile of CQ&A’s first season, CQ speaks to SHROFFLEóN

Workspace 29 May 2018

CQ&A #05 ft. Apartment 701 by SHROFFLEóN

With each video, CQ&A brings you a look at architecture and design, explained by the designers themselves. Behind the illustrious and aesthetic arrangements that materialise before us as fully finished projects, are long hours, meticulous attention to detail and lots of effort to bring it together. With CQ you get a glimpse behind the curtain and into the process that leads to making of these creations.

Project: Apartment 701
Type: Interior Design

Architects Kayzad Shroff and Maria Leon explain how their design process is led by materials – their workability, availability, constraints and advantages – rather than a ‘concept’.  In a project as private as a residence – wherein each member of the family wants their space to be reflective of their personal aesthetic; SHROFFLEóN manages to concoct an alchemy of materials without disrupting the overall harmony.

Set against a clean base of white marble flooring and white walls, Apartment 701 has a varied palette of textures and finishes in each of its rooms. While the white walls serve as a canvas for the family’s curated art, the other walls become art; like a powder-room clad in intriguing copper foil or the silk wallpaper backdrop to one of the children’s beds.

More common materials, such as wood and glass are also used in an array of forms, finishes, colours and textures, each different from the previous. As one moves from the close knit, private areas to the more public, airy ones, the materials see a transformation too, from opaque wood and metals to clear glass and water pillars.

Join us as Kayzad and Maria explain the ensemble of textures and finishes, in Apartment 701.

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