Each year, Asian Paints collaborates with experts from a range of creative disciplines – architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology, media and FMCG – to put together ColourNext, a comprehensive forecast of trends in colours, materials, textures and finishes that's relevant for the subcontinent. Over the course of a year, as these trends become more evident across design fields, they validate our research and motivate us to start fresh every year.



Presenting the forecast for 2022.

Embrace transitions. Go Beyond.

In 2022, the mood is to embrace all that has come our way yet keep marching on. Embrace our challenges and imperfections, but not be bound by them. Let go of the myth of "normalcy", for we desire a future that's different from the normal we leave behind. We step into a new day, powerfully-in-transition.


Colour of the Year, Transcendent Pink (Clematis Pink-N K048), has a mature transitional quality, like our ever expanding consciousness. A combination of blue and red, this greyish tone represents a mind that has the ability to synthesise new knowledge and old wisdom, and harness both. A colour that encourages us to believe, arise, and create anew.






Empathy. Acceptance. Wellbeing.

There is now a collective awareness around mental health and an empathy for the fallibility of our mind. We're witnessing an attitude shift in society. Seeking help for invisible mental ailments is now seen as normal. We are sensitive to the impact of our words and actions on our future generations. As a society, we take the onus of building new ecosystems and rebuilding our behaviour & language, and find ways to reconnect the individual and the community.


As we focus on being well, seismic shifts happen around us not just on an individual level but also on a cultural level. For there is nothing more resilient than the human mind, and also nothing more valuable.






A Metaverse of Possibilities

NFTs have disrupted the power structures of the art world. Artists now have direct access to collectors, leaving out the traditional route of valuation via curators, galleries, reps and auction houses. The notion of art and its valuation are now open to interpretation. It has also opened doors for anyone to own authentic art, albeit digitally.


Armed with optimism, a sense of metaphysical wonder and an accessible entry point, artists explore and experiment with this new marketplace.






The life of gig entrepreneurs.

Personhood and enterprise rolled into one, Solo Commerce is a new work culture that sits squarely in the medium-term between gigs and long-term employment. It's fuelled by growing career aspirations and a robust digital ecosystem that allows collaborative work to happen seamlessly.


It's a paradigm shift in employment that allows working individuals the autonomy of location, lifestyle and time.






Ungendering Spaces.

We/Us reflects how cis-het men confidently donning a feminine aesthetic is taking the world of fashion by storm. But its roots go beyond fashion. By breaking established notions of what’s masculine and feminine, the boundaries between genders become less harsh. It's a playful dismantling of gender assumptions and hierarchies.


We/Us is a step in the journey of rejecting trite stereotypes. We're no longer held back by what society dictates. We no longer have to conform to labels and tags.