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How to add glamour to your home

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Your home has style. Your home has taste. But does your home have glamour?

What is it about some celebrities that distinguishes them from the thousands that appear every year? What makes some of them truly memorable? When you think of the stars of the black and white screen, don’t they shine with a glamour that you can’t explain? It’s called having a certain quality of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Your home can be like this too. With a few tweaks to your décor, your home can move from merely being a well-decorated home to having a distinctive flair that makes it unforgettable.

Does your home have texture?

When you introduce textures into your home, you compel the eye to experience the décor. Think about how you feel when you see wallpaper that has a textured surface – your hand reaches up immediately to touch it. Bring in soft cushions, carved wood, sleek metal, nubby woollen throws, silken upholstery, and mix it up. Cover a wall in texture, either through embossed wallpaper or textured paint. Textures make a room more visually interesting and allow you to interact with each element.

Does your home have shine?

Add an element of luxe drama to your home with shimmering metallics and glass. This isn’t just restricted to photo frames or cutlery any more. Look for bronze clocks, decorative silverware, glittering chandeliers, or muted gold accents painted onto furniture. There’s nothing more glamorous than a home with tasteful sparkle.

Does your home have interest?

It’s easier to put together a room that follows one décor theme. But to mix and match with confidence is a rare talent. Choose statement pieces and mix with vintage. Combine modern with antique furniture. This way, your space sparks interest and is filled with conversation-starters.

Does your home have heart?

You can do everything right, and build a strikingly elegant home for yourself, but if it doesn’t reflect you, it has no heart. When you plan your décor, do put in your own most cherished pieces, or items that have sentimental value. Use souvenirs from your travels, build a memory wall, put up photographs of loved ones or special moments. You could even find a place for Granny’s rocking chair!

Focus on building talking points, adding some shine, and ensuring that your room is tied together with a unifying design element, and you’ll see a dramatic difference. Adding glamour to your home is as easy as this.

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