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Give your home a designer touch

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You don’t need a designer to bring about luxurious changes and upgrade your home. What you need is inspiration!

We’ve all spent hours on planning and executing new decorating ideas for our homes, and yet, somehow, it never looks like those beautiful home decor magazines we like to browse through.

Do you find yourself wondering what you’re missing?

No, it’s not a professional eye. While a great deal of good comes from getting a designer give your home a contemporary look, we can’t always afford bringing an expert in. But that’s no reason you should have anything less than a perfect home. Here’s how to be your own designer.

Look for a way to add interest to bare spaces

Everyone draws focus to the significant areas of a room, but the idea here is to bring neglected spaces into the foreground. For example, the space behind your bed is often completely forgotten. You could consider making that a signature wall, or putting up a pegboard and turning it into a decorative element with pictures and lights.

Look for new forms of traditional furniture

Replacing the usual pieces of furniture with more modern designs adds interest to functional décor. It also gives you a chance to use your space more effectively. For smaller apartments, you could opt for sleeker lines and cleaner designs so that your room doesn’t look cluttered. For instance, invest in dining stools and a breakfast bar for a chic upgrade on the standard dining table and chairs.

Put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’

Look for alternatives for bulky furniture to keep your home up to date. A ladder, for instance, could double up as a unique storage rack. An added advantage of minimalist furniture is that it makes sure you declutter regularly, keeping your living spaces looking fresh and tidy.

Look for fun ways to DIY your own furniture and décor. Nothing shouts ‘designer’ more than a makeover for your furniture, and DIY gives you an opportunity to create your own interpretations. Consider suspended shelving or distressing conventional wood furniture for a more exclusive look.

Pull in a bit of nature

Do you want to know the secret to bringing life into your room, at a minimum cost? Bring in something that is really alive! House plants keep your air clean, add a zing of vibrancy, and are decorative in a way that nothing artificial can replicate. Find the right place for them, and display them in pretty planters or jars.

Change how you see your room

If you haven’t already switched to yellow lighting, now is the time. White light is passé, and makes a space look harsh and cold. With muted yellow lighting, your home becomes warm and inviting.

But just changing your bulbs isn’t enough. Take the effort to install different types of lighting so that you can alternate between them depending on the occasion. You need pendant lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. With all these light sources, your room is ready for a big party, a quiet evening with the family, or an intimate dinner party. 

And with these few tips, you’ve become your own designer. It’s really as simple as that.  

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