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Celebrating Our Women at Work - Isha Chand

Asian Paints, Head Office Mumbai Image

"Asian paints allowed me to find comfort in being who I am and yet, showed me the possibilities of what I could be."

In the first edition of the series – Celebrating our Women at Work, we bring to you the story of Isha Chand who works with the HR Admin Team at the Asian Paints Kasna Plant. Isha joined Asian Paints in 2014. In her last 3 years here, she has seen the organization up close and experienced how it’s various facets - the people, the culture, the vision – have played a defining role in creating her memorable story here!

Asian Paints introduced Isha to corporate life. “Right from the very first day, what struck me was the warmth of the people here – the camaraderie and support,” she beams as she recollects her first days here. 

The excitement and curiosity of a fresher can often be a feisty challenge for any organization to preserve and encourage. “Asian paints allowed me to find comfort in being who I am and yet, showed me the possibilities of what I could be,” says Isha.

The people with whom Isha has worked with have had a crucial role to play in her time here. “They are always there for you. Giving you the space to make mistakes and learn. Today, I do things without the fear of failure thanks to the encouragement and learning provided by people here.”

It is inspiring to hear Isha talk about how approachable the senior leadership here is. “They are very humble. It’s unbelievable how such senior and experienced people make office conversations almost sound like an informal chat session among friends. There is seriousness of work involved, yes, but the comfort and humility with which it is articulated inspires all of us”

Isha recalls her proudest moment at Asian Paints being the one where she was felicitated by Mr KBS Anand, MD and CEO, Asian Paints. “It was a brilliant feeling to know that the efforts you put in are acknowledged by the leadership. It motivates me to bring my best to work everyday"

The gold standards that Asian Paints maintains in its ethics and integrity rubs off on its employees, says Isha. She acknowledges the focus on safety at workplace, and outside, and the policies and processes around it that ensure that she is able to bring her best to work.

At Kasna, Isha is a name familiar with everyone. Such is her credibility that employees here feel that they will get a solution for any issue they come to her for. The personal touch she maintains is noted and quoted by one and all. 

Says Sachin Deshpande, her colleague at the Kasna Plant: "The initiaves she takes to connect with people is wonderful. By visiting their homes, interacting wiith the families and maintaining a personal touch, Isha has endeared herself to the teams here"

Shailendar Singh, also from her team, echoes similar views.  "Her people connect is so strong. Days when she is absent, the family members of some employees reach out to enquire about her. Her efforts are critical in ensuring team bonding and harmony among employees"

So, what at Asian Paints inspires Isha. "The people here. Also, the freedom to take risks without fear of failure."

PS: The interviewer experienced at least three interruptions on this interview call with Isha. And each time it was an employee who had come seeking help. The rule is clear: Everything will be put on hold, if there is an employee issue brought to her notice. Evidence of her people connect captured live!

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