At Asian Paints, we consider community engagement to be an integral part of our corporate culture. As a responsible organisation, community care remains consistently embedded in our value-creation system.


Total no. of beneficiaries impacted in FY 2017-18

` 46.51 crores

CSR spent during FY 2017-18


Total number of trainings sessions conducted at Asian Paints Colour Academy in FY 2017-18


Our objective is to improve the quality of life, reduce social inequalities and help individuals in marginalised communities to achieve their true potential. We catalyse access to quality education and healthcare, upskill the unorganised workforce and assist in addressing challenges in water management

Focus Areas


`12.8 crores

Health & Hygiene

`4.84 crores

Vocational Training

`22.33 crores

Water Management

`6.52 crores


`46.51 crores

Stimulating Education through Digital Means

We aim towards improving access to quality education for children, besides motivating them to attend schools. We help improve Government school infrastructure to enrich learning outcomes and encourage school-going children.

Education-based Interventions in Government Schools

Echoor Panchayat School ,Kannur district, Kerala

infrastructure, furniture and other amenities. Aranari Panchayat Union Primary School (PUPS) has been shortlisted for renovation and refurbishment with education-based interventions.

Pennalur Panchayat Middle School, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Identified some infrastructure renovation and upgrading, which includes toilet construction, handwash area with taps, borewell, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water tank, levelling of ground and entrance board, furniture requirements and so on.

TabLab, Kasna Uttar Pradesh

A digital literacy programme that helps to establish digital learning infrastructure in Government schools. The project is expected to deliver value in the following ways:

Help underserved students enjoy learning and become digitally aware, increasing their career opportunities

Improved learning outcomes projected for the next 3-5 years

Students become representatives of the mobile-powered digital literacy for the community

Student data accessible from cloud-based platforms leading to a y-o-y impact assessment

Driving Science Education

Partnered with Kutuhal Science Activities Pvt. Ltd. to organise science workshops and distribute science kits to school children between the ages of 6 -15 years.


Children participated in the district-level science exhibition from 20+ schools

Skill building is powerful

At Asian Paints, our objective is to enhance employable skills and knowledge of an individual
to assist him/her in contributing to India’s economic growth

Asian Paints Academy

The Asian Paints Colour Academy is equipped with modern facilities to help upgrade the skills of existing painter, making them specialists. The Academy also provides vocational training to unskilled youth on basic and specialised painting techniques, which enable them to increase their earnings

1 lakh

Number of trainings in FY 2017-18


Social Return on Investment (SRoI)


I was inspired after seeing the video ‘Saroj – The Leader’ and completed the basic painting course through Asian Paints Colour Academy in September 2017. After that, I opened my own firm called ‘Decoraa – The Painting Expert’. Currently, I am working with 20 painters and have completed more than 10 sites in just four months with great earnings.

Partnering with Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Bangalore, Karnataka

In association with Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation, we inaugurated Colour Academy in ITI Peenya, Bangalore. The project will take students through the basic painting course and provide apprenticeship through known and loyal contractors.

Helping Jail Inmates Reclaim Life, Belgaum, Karnataka

We connected with inmates at Belgaum Prison to provide basic painting course training. Four of the convicts who attended the first batch were able to start a life of dignity by beginning work as painters upon their release. Buoyed by the success of the first batch, we conducted a second BPC training.


I completed the basic painting course through Asian Paints Colour Academy in November 2016 and was released from jail in August 2017. After that, I started my own paintwork, and this has increased my income. The jail staff was overwhelmed to see this change in my life.

Employee Volunteering Week, Khandala Factory

A tree plantation drive was carried out in Kesurdi and a clothes donation drive was organised at the plant in collaboration with Goonj where we received an overwhelming response from the employees.


Man-hours of voluntary work from 65 volunteers, benefiting close to 250 beneficiaries across 11 locations during the CSR Week

Mobilising Access to Healthcare

Offering specialised medical care in rural region near our manufacturing units through camps

Swasth, Mumbai

  • Operated specialised camps on diabetes, blood pressure screening and related treatments
  • Conducted a free camp for paediatric check-up and treatment during January-Match 2018
  • Raised awareness about healthy practices like the use of potable water and reduction of stress for hypertension


Safar is a healthcare programme to improve health awareness and facilities among truck drivers with focus on ergonomic illnesses, AIDS and skin diseases, among others. We spread awareness on hygienic living practices through nukkad nataks, games, inter-personal communication sessions and movies.

Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU)

We are partnering HelpAge India to provide healthcare facilities to elderly residents of 13 villages in Tamil Nadu through mobile medical units.

In the last decade, we have increased the reach of the programme manifold


I was a person who never completed any of the medical treatments prescribed to me. But now, I take my medicines regularly, thanks to the easily approachable Swasth clinic and the caring and supportive approach of the staff.


I used to be an alcoholic and spent the better part of my income on alcohol instead of treating my liver problems. My wife had to borrow money for my treatment and that is when I realised that I need to do something about my health or I will lose everything I have. I learnt about the Safar clinic from a friend in Kerala. Once there, I shared my health condition with a counsellor, who, after listening to me patiently, explained in detail how I can improve my health. Today, we are a happy family.

Helping Conserve Water

Conservation of waterbodies around our locations is a major concern for us, as water is a key component of our business. We take a pragmatic view of the situation and put our best foot forward to solve water management challenges around us.

Improving Livelihood through Integrated Watershed Management, Patancheru, Telangana

A total of 155 structures have been constructed since September 2014, which include check dams, desilting of defunct check dams, open well recharge, loose boulder structures, borewell recharge pits and other low-cost structures.


  • Water availability in borewells for farming during dry season
  • Ownership in the village community towards the upkeep of these structures
  • Rise in ground water level in the six villages where these structures have been constructed

Counting Every Drop, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu

The Water ATM project provides potable water to more than 2,000 people daily in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.

1,000 LPH

Running capacity providing ~20 litres of drinking water per family per day

590 million

Litres per annum. Total recharge since 2014

Community Welfare Programme

At Asian Paints, we are focusing on inclusive growth and need-based social interventions to enhance the quality of lives across communities. Our commitment to social responsibility permeates every level of the organisation, as we seek to promote a socially responsible ecosystem

We believe corporates can play a major role in transforming communities, collaborating with them to coexist. At Asian Paints, we primarily focus on education, skill development, healthcare and hygiene, and water management in our CSR programmes.