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Doraemon Nobita dreams of Shizuka

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Description :

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko.F.Fujio. Doraemon, is a cat-type robot sent by the future descendants of Nobita Nobi, a school boy. The endearing Doraemon has travelled back in time, from the 22nd century to help Nobita, for which he pulls out secret gadgets, and all of them affect Nobita’s life dramatically. Treat your kid to some adventure from the future with Doraemon.

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Features :
  • This merchandise is officially licensed to Asian Paints Ltd.
  • This Doraemon wall sticker covers a height of 1.2 ft. and a width of 2.1 ft. on the application surface (wall, wood or glass)
  • Fade resistant high quality stickers printed in UV Ink
  • All surface stickers - apply it on your walls, doors, cupboards, glass and any other non-porous surfaces Adhesion remains good regardless of the surface
  • Easy and fun application process - get together as a family or allow your kids to take the lead in peeling and sticking the wall sticker in their own special way!
Specifications :
  • Package Weight (in grams): 140
  • Item Height (in Ft.): 0.8
  • Item Width (in Ft.): 2.3
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Colour Name: Multicolour
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Care Instruction: In case of a freshly painted wall, please leave a gap of 10 days before applying the wall sticker
  • Package Length: NA
  • Package Height: 27.9

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