1. We consider compliance to statutory EHS requirements as the minimum performance standard and are committed to go beyond and adopt stricter standards wherever appropriate.
  2. We shall focus on pollution abatement, resource optimization and waste minimization. We believe that these measures will help in sustainable development.
  3. We are committed to the reduction of generation of solid waste and its disposal in a safe and environment friendly manner.
  4. We are committed to continual improvement in the area of EHS.
  5. We shall give priority and attention to health and safety of employees.
  6. We shall train all employees (including employees of service providers) to carry out work in our premises and at customer sites as per prescribed procedures designed to meet all EHS requirements of the Company.
  7. We shall encourage sharing of information and communication of our EHS management system with stake holders.
  8. We shall educate customers and the public on safe use of our products.
  9. When required under any law, for the time being in force, or to meet certification requirements, establishments shall prescribe additional policies and procedures as required, subject to the direction provided by this EHS Policy.

Managing Director & CEO
1st October, 2009