woodtech pu palette - exterior

PU Palette Exterior is a range of colour finishes, specially designed for wood along with all the benefits of PU. Pick from a large variety of wood finishes available for different conditions and give your home the perfect look.


over 115 shades

over 115 shades

Available in more than 115 shades, including 30 metallic shades and 20 translucent shades.

exterior durability

exterior durability

It has UV Guards, which make the product excellent for exteriors, also has high film flexibility, which makes the product resist cracking even on curved surfaces.



Has good scratch, stain and heat resistance.

available packs

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from direct sunlight and extensive heat.


available shades

Choose from the special shades of Wood PU Palette in our Colour Catalogue.


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protect your exterior furniture with a range of clear, opaque and water based finishes

how to paint with woodtech pu palette - exterior

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