Metal Surfaces


  • The surface should be absolutely free from dirt, dust, grease, rust, moisture etc.
  • Cover the area that you don’t want to paint with a masking tape, paper and/or cloth.


Surface Preparation

A good surface preparation is essential to ensure the performance of a paint system. 

  • In case of new steel surfaces applied with grease / oil, degreasing is to be carried out by washing or wiping with suitable solvent.
  • Thoroughly sand the surface with Emery Paper 180, so as to remove loose rusts. Wipe clean.
  • For hot-rolled steel surfaces, it is recommended to remove the mill scale by sand blasting. This step is essential for the performance of high performance primer systems like epoxies.
  • For cold-rolled steel surfaces, though sand blasting is preferable, a thorough cleaning by mechanical sanding will be adequate.
  • For non-ferrous metal surfaces like aluminium, galvanized iron, tin etc., apply a coat of etch primer.
  • Asian Paints offers a wide range of metal primers and in the increasing order of rust protection, they are - TruCare Red Oxide Primer, Decoprime Premium Metal Primer, TruCare Yellow Primer, Apcolite Advanced 2-Pack Epoxy Primer and TruCare Grey 1-Pack Epoxy Primer.
  • Apply your chosen Asian Paints metal primer, chosen according to your corrosion protection requirement, as per their corresponding application procedure.
  • Apply the primers as per their corresponding application recommendations.
  • Ensure adequate drying time for primers as per their product recommendations.



  • Sand the primer with emery paper No. 400.  Wipe clean and ensure that the surface is free of particles.
  • We offer a range of top coats viz, Apcolite Premium Gloss enamel, Apcolite Advanced High Gloss enamel, Apcolite Premium Satin Enamel, Apcolite Advanced 2 K Epoxy Finish, Tractor enamel.
  • Apply the top coats as per their corresponding application recommendations.
  • Ensure adequate drying time between coats as per the corresponding product recommendation.
  • Ensure application of recommended number of coats for best performance of the overall painting system.