large projects - housing societies

Imagine gleaming gates, a shining façade, a spotless lobby. The chajjas and terraces are clean and pest-free; no cracks, no leaks, no mould anywhere. In fact, even from a distance, the building catches the eye because of its pleasing colours. This can be your apartment!


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smart societies

Asian Paints can help turn your dreams into reality, making yours a Smart Society. A Smart Society is defined by individuals who want a better quality of life. They recognise that care tendered by experts will enhance the value of their hard-earned legacy. Asian Paints Project Sales develops CHS Smart Societies with a SMART approach.




landmark society

A Landmark Society is a distinctive and unforgettable residential complex that stands out amidst its surroundings. It is one that people of the area recognise and use as a reference point to give directions by. It is an address that residents are proud of and neighbours aspire to. Wouldn’t you want your building to be a beacon in your neighbourhood and feel proud of where you live?