Vocational training

Colour Academy follows the principles of shared value creation in delivering impactful solutions to the people involved in the field of painting. The Academy shares synergies with our core business and helps create a multiplier effect on our CSR investment. Colour Academy seeks to participate in the Skill India Mission and become a hub for best skills development in the paint application trade.

Theory session in progress at Colour Academy

Practical session in progress at Colour Academy

Beneficiary story
Ram Gupta, a painter, did not have a steady job for a long time. After spending two years at the Asian Paints Colour Academy, Ram’s knowledge about paints had significantly increased. He started informing his customers about the different types of paints and suggested the right paint that they can use for their homes. He started getting more paint contracts, leading to a steady increase in income.


Participants crossed training mark for second year in succession

Beneficiary story
Samad Ulla started his career as a painter in 1996 and was engaged in basic painting. His income was limited as he didn’t do any patterns or designs. In November 2018, he visited the Colour Academy and upgraded his skills by learning interior finishes, textures and wood finishes. Today, he is a business owner with 16 painters working under him and he thanks the Asian Paints Colour Academy for his success.

Colour Academy