Employee volunteering

We encourage our people to participate in volunteering activities through Company-driven initiatives such as Sparsh. Under Sparsh we have launched four key programmes:
a) Expressions
b) One-for-one Naya Savera
c) meSuperhero and
d) Plogging.


Employees participated in FY2018-19


Beneficiaries impacted from all four events

Expressions is our attempt to engage with students and understand their hopes and expectations from their school.

One-for-one Naya Savera programme involves training and skilling less-privileged school dropouts and making them job-ready.

meSuperhero is a Sparsh intervention for children suffering from life threatening diseases. We create beautiful memories by fulfilling the wishes of these children and delivering joy to them.

Plogging is a concept that encourages people to stay healthy by running and cleaning their vicinity, literally by picking waste strewn on roads.

First batch of graduates from Naya Savera programme

Employee participants in the 'run and clean' race

Employees clearing their surroundings off waste

Bringing happiness to children suffering from life-threatening diseases