Energy Conservation

Our fundamental approach towards energy and emission management constitutes reducing energy consumption and emissions in our operations while improving efficiency and quality in production. Below are some of the initiatives undertaken by the Energy Cell at our factories.

i. Energy conservation in disperser equipment

In Rohtak factory, Energy Cell identified situations where a 375 KW motor was running without addition in dispersion properties.

Change in process and logics optimisation in Distributed Control System (DCS) helped us reduce Power Consumption significantly.

This helped us save 10-15 minutes of motor run time in a batch, giving significant savings in terms of power.

ii. Control over utilities operation

At the Khandala factory, we optimised utilities to save power. The team took many initiatives such as monitoring pump running hour, logic modifications to reduce unwanted running in cooling water pumps, pump efficiency optimisation in thermic fluid pumps and many more Overall benefits achieved due to utility optimisation was 500 units per day.

iii. Installation of air-cooled energy-efficient air compressor

Air compressor in utility consumes almost 44 % of the utility power consumption. At the Sriperumbudur factory, we replaced an inefficient compressor with air-cooled energy-efficient air compressor. This eliminated the additional energy consumption of the cooling tower.

iv. Installation of small diameter cowl disc in dispersion equipment

We improved the dispersion effectiveness by installing smaller diameter cowl discs at Sriperumbudur, Rohtak and Khandala factories. This was carried out after extensive trails without any adverse impact on the product quality.