Ethnic Tuscan Decor

The Ethnic Tuscan style of decorating is a tribute to Tuscany, famous for its old-world charm, food, wine and warmth. Tuscany is also rich in art. The colours of the Tuscan countryside are often mirrored in the décor of homes in this region. The Tuscan country kitchen is quite a famous kitchen-decorating style, even in homes that sport modern décor in their other rooms. Kitchens in Tuscan homes are almost like living rooms! The Tuscan style is one that is homely, welcoming and warm, with a lot of emphasis laid on family pride, relationships and food. The décor in the rest of the Tuscan home is muted, rustic and very charming. Colours are carefully chosen and set off against each other. Art work is usually in the form of ceramics and paintings. The furniture is quite basic, with an emphasis on comfort.