European French Decor

Fashionable! Within this decorating style we have Chateau, Vintage and Country – all French, but distinctly different. As a rule, it doesn’t make sense to mix these styles in one room; however, you could have different rooms of your home dedicated to each style. The French country kitchen, for instance, is a look that has always been popular. So you could attempt to have that look in your kitchen, while focusing on, perhaps, the Vintage style in your bedroom and the Chateau look in the living and common areas.

French style is all about a certain look – distinctly-French pieces of furniture like the armoire, a certain kind of upholstery and of course muted fashionable colors. While the Country look is quite rustic, the Vintage and Chateau looks incorporate a touch of glamour with glints of gold, opulent fabrics and regal architectural as well as design elements. One of the ways you will stay on track while decorating your home in the French style, is to unify décor elements in a room. For instance, stick to one color, a fabric type or a furniture style.