Modern Zen Decor

This concept is all about the peace of mind. Zen interiors, with its roots in Japan, speak of tranquility and balance. This is essentially the Japanese way to achieve a modern clean home or office space.

Nature plays a significant role in setting in the tranquil mood, and so its presence in a space such as this is significant. Such spaces require to be open and either facing or bringing in a portion of the outdoors. Thus, some of the wall planes can be contemporary French windows or simply made of glass instead of masonry.

As this concept works well to bring calm and peace to its user, it has become a popular choice to design spas and healthcare centers. Feng shui is often known to be applied to design such spaces, as it is believed to aid the right flow of energy and balance in the atmosphere. You may want to consult a specialist in the field to assist you in designing and rightly orienting your space according to the feng shui norms.