Retro American Decor

This style, today, has come into being as a resort to design American getaways and farmhouses, and thus, such spaces can be looked at as a point of inspiration. These spaces could either be rustic in design or can be done sophisticatedly, according to your taste. As these spaces are inspired from farmhouses or family homes, an ideal set up would be a spacious interior space, with elegant clean lines.

An English trait can be incorporated into this space, as the style was originally set or influenced by English immigrants. Whitewashed walls with crown moldings, dado rails and timber paneling are a beautiful combination one can employ to achieve this look with woods like walnut, cherry and mahogany at one's disposal. Such a style ought to reflect your lifestyle - be it a tad of extravagance or a flavour of vintage or even simplicity. Heavily textured walls or a smooth stucco-plastered finish would work well with this style of design, as would exposed stone masonry.

As the American continent is a blend of vast topographic features - ranging from mountainous cold regions to dessert terrains - this is another factor to consider while trying to draw inspiration for colours or the feel within the space in general.