Retro Pop Decor

Pop, like the name suggests, is the retro style that was lively, playful and full of color and personality. If you are a 50's, 60's or 70'0s kid then this style would bring back a lot of nostalgic moments of the time you grew up in. For the younger lot though, this is a livelier and more expressive version of the retro styles, and it allows you to bring your character on the look and feel of the space.

The advantage with looking for inspiration for this concept is that you have three decades of pop culture to look at. The 50's introduced the concept of open plan living spaces where the walls were brought down to have one large space, which was multifunctional, combining the kitchen, living and dining area. This is one approach that you could employ to bring in the feel of the pop era. But remember to consult an architect or interior designer before you bring down a wall in your house, some of them might be structural or have structural columns that shouldn't be tampered with.

A lot of the retro pop style of living was inspired by the music that came out of London and England at that point in time, and so the cool Britannia style can also be looked at for inspiration to deck your place up. Pop music, the famous 'flower power' and free love influenced lives and artists like Andy Warhol were big on the art scene. The other direction to take is that of the hippie style of living, where interiors were influenced by traveler's trips to Morocco and India, thus bringing home an ethnic touch from these regions. This retro pop style thus has an ethnic vibe to it, which can be an alternate source of inspiration as well. With an air of activism and self-expression, these spaces could well be light and airy and free in reflection.