Vintage Medieval Decor

Borrowing from the eras of castles and palaces, this old world design style works best within large open spaces that can replicate the magnanimity of the yesteryears. This concept incorporates a range of styles, from renaissance design to the gothic style. With faux beams and rustic chandeliers and exposed masonry work, carpentered wood with metal joinery or ornamentation, this theme tells tales of strength and humility, fortification and religion, war and peace.

Here again, wood plays a key role in implementing the old world charm that the concept characterizes. The scope here for a budget setting comes with the rustic look of the wood, that can be achieved by using recycled or reused wood to make the required elements. Treated scrap metal can also be reformed into the metal decor elements to go into the space.

The walls and flooring that form the base for this design can be clad in rough timber or exposed stone or brick masonry to replicate a castle or cellar look. Textured paint effects and uneven suede with appropriate lighting can also prepare the space well for a medieval look.