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By Basheer OV, April 26, 2015  1 day ago

I'm not able to find dealer for the pincode 670631..please guide me to nearest dealer

Home Painting

By Arun Paranjape , April 23, 2015  4 days ago

Now I want to paint my home interior and exterior. Please provide good color combinations. We like blue, pink, and brown but in aqua light shade.

how to buy your ancillary products

By sunil Khera , April 21, 2015  6 days ago

hello..i am a end user.. I want to buy your ancillary product i.e. felt roller, extension rod and paint holding try.

I live in West Patel Nagar in New Delhi.. Dealers here sell only local rollers and othrs stuff.


want to know the colour code

By abrar ahmed , April 21, 2015  6 days ago

sending you a image .

want to know the code of the colour of the images

reply as soon as possible.

Help me select luster paint

By Rahul Shah , April 16, 2015  11 days ago


I am planning to get my house painted. I came to know that there are two types of luster paint - Oil based and Water based (with water based bit cheaper than oil based).

I need your help in selecting which one I sho....