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Aquadur Application and cost working

By Avinash Phase , March 27, 2015  8 hours ago

I have a project for polishing veneer.

Want to do aquadur.

Please guide.

It is urgent.

Selection of Colour

By Harish Sivaramakrishnan , March 24, 2015  3 days ago


My name is Harish. I am residing at Madipakkam, Chennai. Today I have started painting my house which is not so big. It is 900 Square feet in total including verandah. 1/4th of my house has been painted by the workers today. painting for ....

Special effect on Royal Shyne

By Sowmya Meena , March 23, 2015  4 days ago

We have painted base coat with Royal Shyne.The surface is very smooth and so can we apply special effects on it like ragging,dapple etc. ?

Color combination very dark

By Sowmya Meena , March 17, 2015  10 days ago

We planned to do ragging effect with Crimson depth X123 and Copper 0587.We have finished the base coat crimson depth.Top coat of Copper is not yet done.But it is looking very much like dark maroon color.It is not looking like the picture available i....


By Sarath Chandran , March 15, 2015  12 days ago

which colour combination suits my home