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ASPIRA Free Wall Makeover

By Sunil Agrawal, August 04, 2015  1 day ago

Dear Team,

I had responded to an advertisement of Asian Paints ASPIRA and had got to get one wall of 100 sqft painted through ASPIRA product complimentary.

The local team who has contacted for the same is tellin....


By NAVEEN KUMAR , July 22, 2015  14 days ago

need advice to color combination of tractor imulsion in my house

area is 1400 sq ft

area 90sq yard

2 kitchen

4 rooms

2 bathrooms



Paint Cost for 900 Sq. Ft. Newly Constructed House

By Sachin Wason , July 01, 2015  1 month 4 days ago


This is Sachin here... I am very excited to post my query to you .. As i am a professional Internet Marketer and after lots of search i found "Asian Paint" your voice page.

Below i have mentioned the detail of my ho....

Which color i have to use for texture

By kailas navandar , June 27, 2015  1 month 9 days ago

In my living room i used L154 colour pl. suggest the option which i need to use as texture to comine with above

asian paint shade card required

By shri ram, June 23, 2015  1 month 13 days ago

dear sir /madam

i shri ram have required a asian paint shade card set for color showing or choice for white wash for all wall and fully home