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Warranty certificate

By thirumurthi i , February 28, 2017  1 year 9 months 14 days ago

Dear sir/ madam

I had painted Exterior protex & terrace damp proof for my new home. I claimed for warranty certificate for above paints, my Reference no - Protex( 7018172) & Damp proof (7018262). I not yet received warranty certificate do....

Query on Billing and Request for Building visit by Asian Paints experts

By Anish Basu , February 27, 2017  1 year 9 months 15 days ago

i'm communicating on behalf of Sunrise Society, Versova. The residents of our housing society want to get our building painted at the earliest. Can any Asian Paints expert visit our society immediately and assess for providing us a quotation? The f....

Looking for Asian Paint expert to Visit my apartment in chennai and give me the cloring experience

By Usman Mohammed , February 20, 2017  1 year 9 months 22 days ago

Currently i am in United states. I am having an apartment in Chennai which needs to be painted . I tried reaching the tollfree number, it seems number is with in india. Can some one help me here on my next steps.

Plastic Paints

By Anand Singh , February 04, 2017  1 year 10 months 8 days ago

which product is your plastic paint

Paint for using white board market

By Gururajan Sundaramurthy , December 31, 2016  2 years 11 months 11 days ago

Please suggest whether there is any wall paint we can use white board markers directly on it.