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Request for paint suggestion

By Varughese Varughese , February 26, 2015  3 days ago

Dear sir,

First image uploaded is a sample picture to show the roof tile painting and second one is my newly constructed house. I need the same roof tile colour as per the sample picture to paint my house.Can you suggest which colour they us....

colour combination

By foram patel , February 26, 2015  3 days ago

i wish to paint blue peach orange and swiss coffe togather can u suggest for the fourth colour?

painting my house

By raji sidhan , February 22, 2015  7 days ago

dear sir i have a house which is 3300 sq feet

i need assistance for the painting,please help me my mobile no is 9446033717

Need to know the painters in coimbatore

By Naveenprasath Prakash , February 18, 2015  11 days ago


I am Naveenprasath.p, planning to paint my house with in few months. I am in search of the best painters, so please provide me the list of painters in the Coimbatore region. It will be help full to me to communicate with them and other fe....

Shades in Apex Ultima

By Anand Dhonde , February 16, 2015  13 days ago

I want to paint my home exterior wall with Apex Ultima. For selection of the shades, I referred to the color spectra on the Asian Paints site. But there are lots of shades I liked but they don't belong to the Asian Paints Apex Ultima.

Will yo....