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Q. I want to take a new dealership with Asian Paints. What is the procedure for the same?

Ans : Thank you very much for your query on the APL dealership. We would request you to share your contact details over an email to the following email id - customercare@asianpaints.com. Please note that the subject of the mail should say - "Asian Paints Dealership Request". Name, Contact Address (with district), Shop Name, Contact Numbers - Mobile & Landline, Email Id - (If you have an email id). Thank you once again for your query. Once we get your details, we will respond to them as soon as possible.

Q. Can we use Asian Paints products for face painting?

Ans : Our colours and paints are meant for your wall - request you to not apply it on your face.

Q. Why is Ezycolour Home Solutions so expensive?

Ans : Asian Paints Home Solutions is a premium end to end painting service and not just a contracting of a contractor and his painters. We take full responsibility for the services including moving and covering of furniture and fittings, daily cleaning of areas where work is going on, usage of Asian Paints products, warranty for 1 year on Service and products. The entire painting process is supervised through the painting period by a representative of APHS. Therefore we believe we are justified in asking for a premium commensurate with the service being provided.

Q. Can you suggest me some paint products for using on murals?

Ans : You can use interior emulsion paints to paint larger sections of colour in the mural background on the wall. Its also a cheaper option. However the most optimal option is Acrylic Paints. Its fast drying and mixes well like oil paints (art paints) that are used for canvas painting in art. If you use Interior Oil Paints (meant for walls) do remember they take long to drive while emitting a strong smell of the solvent drying up. Also we recommend sketching the mural on the paper first to give you a sense of paint required within the relevant shades. Your mural might take several days to finish. Please keep the brushes in bottle of mineral spirits. Do not let your brushes dry overnight. Also used some masking tapes along the edges of the wall before you start painting the mural to ensure that the paint does not smear on the edges of the other walls.

Q. Can you please share your price list?

Ans : We would like to inform you that presently we are not distributing any price list we will let you know when we will do the same. For the same you can visit our Authorized Colour World Dealer, the dealer will assist you with the same. You can visit our website www.asianpaints.com for dealer location. The total cost of painting is usually 60% labour and 40% material cost. So, please do have a look at the paint calculator online to get a better idea of total costs. On the material costs, we can share the MRP for the product with you. However dealers are at a liberty to sell products at below the MRP price. For the most accurate cost, we suggest you contact the nearest Colour World dealer, who will give you a total estimate.