Make you home stand out like never before with Asian Paints Apex Createx exterior textures!

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What’s the warranty of Createx?

Createx has an adhesion warranty of 5 years. It also has a topcoat warranty of 7 years if top coated with Ultima.

Which topcoat is most suitable for Createx?

Asian Paints Apex Ultima is the most suited topcoat for Createx.

Can we use any shade of topcoat for any pattern?

Yes, one can use any topcoat with any pattern.

CIY= Create it yourself = Choose your pattern + Choose your texture

What are the available pack sizes?

Createx is available in 25 kg buckets.

What are the types of Createx?

Createx available in 3 types.

  1. Scratch finish

  2. Roller finish

  3. Dholpur finish

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