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One Wall Makeover with Apex Createx Exterior Textures


You get only one chance to make your first impression and so do the exteriors of your homes. Well, now you can transform this unexplored space with Apex Createx exterior wall textures that will not only leave you spellbound but also leave an everlasting impression. So, why wait? Transform your exterior house design, one wall at a time. Let’s make your home beautiful with Asian Paints textures.






Entrance Wall

Everyone loves compliments, especially when they come knocking at your door. And when the first wall of your house itself can put you in limelight, what more can you ask for? Go ahead, transform your outdoor wall with these warm and inviting exterior designs with textures that are crafted to instill a new charm in your entrance.






Highlight Wall

There's always that one exterior wall of your house which you decorate on festivals and special occasions, that wall which makes your house a landmark. Use our vibrant and bold exterior textures to transform your special highlight wall into a real showstopper.






Balcony Wall

A special place in your house where you feel the bliss. A place where you often spend your ‘me time’. A place where you spend time reading or simply watching the sky or chatting with your friends for hours. Make this place more personal with exterior wall texture that echoes your personality.






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