Below the grade horizontal PCC slab

SmartCare Waterproofing Membrane EPDM 1.2mm

SmartCare Waterproofing Membrane EPDM is a preformed elastomeric waterproofing membrane made of high quality EPDM rubber. It exhibits high tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and is resistant to weathering, heat ageing, ozone, UV rays, acids, alkalis and oxygenated solvents.

Subtrates for application

All concrete and cementitious surfaces

Areas of usage

Under horizontal raft slab (over the lean PCC), pre-fabricated concrete slabs, natural stones


• Long service life of upto 20 years

• High elongation

• High tensile & tear strength makes it abuse tolerant

• Resistant to ozone, weathering, heat ageing, ultra-violet, acids, alkalis & oxygenated solvents