Tile Solutions: Tile Adhesives & Tile Grout

Tile solutions fill the gaps between your tiles and prevent water from seeping through.
Tile Solutions

Tile Grout - Cement Based

Asian Paints SmartCare Tile Grout - Cement Based is a single component polymer modified tile grout for filling tile joints up to 5 mm in width. It is a specially formulated premium, fast setting, low shrinkage grout that prevents ingress of water through the joint.

Subtrates for application

Joints between all types of tiles as well as natural stones, where 2/3rd of the depth of the tile or stone is available for grouting

Areas of usage

Joints between tiles (ceramic, vitrified, porcelain tiles, etc.) and natural stones (marble, granite, etc.) that are up to 5 mm in width


• Cement-based easy to mix joint filler available in 7 shades

• Water repelling impermeable joint filler suited for domestic and commercial floors, walls, etc.

• High flexural strength

• Sustainable and durable for a long time

• Resists stains and is cleaned easily

• Withstands attacks from chemicals like household cleaners.