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what is colour code?

Colour Code is an inspirational tool for architects and interior designers, using thematic visuals as the starting point to explore colour palettes. If you've found inspiration in the colours of a scenic landscape or an elegant vase then, Colour Code is made for you.

You can upload your image inspiration onto the various categories of Colour Code and build your colour palette. Every image inspiration that will be uploaded/ present in a colour code, will have a unique colour palette which is inspired from the image. There are currently 5 main categories:


Driven by tangible and visually impactful references. eg: Seamless Nature


Rooted in tradition and ritual, specific to cultural communities. eg: Vibrant India


Led by emotions and feelings. eg: Romantic Embrace


Driven by distinct temperament and disposition of a personality type. eg: Forever Young


Guided by premium and exclusive aesthetic principles. eg: The Chromantics

Multiple themes can be drawn from one category
eg: 'Forever Young' and 'Happiness Unbound' belong to the category 'Personality'. Every category explores many cards - each offering an inspirational image and derived colour palette.

Come and Colour your inspiration!

Note: It is important to keep your images abstract and true to your inspirations. No room set or space design images/ renders permitted.

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Discover fresh inspiration and create your colour code!

Spark your imagination. Create your Colour Code.

Asian Paints Colour Code, is specially designed for architects and interior design professionals. With engaging images and inspiring colour palettes organized along colour themes, this is one tool that will make your colour selection process enriching and enjoyable.

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