SmartCare Hybrid PU Sealant

Asian Paints SmartCare Hybrid PU Sealant is a silyl terminated polyurethane sealant which is durable, paintable and bonds well with all building substrates. Highly resistant to ageing and weathering, it retains elasticity under all climate conditions. It is low VOC free of isocyanates making it an ideal choice for environment friendly projects.

Subtrates for application

All concrete and masonry building materials, cement boards and asbestos board, all joints and gaps upto 40 mm, dynamic cracks in walls upto 40 mm

Areas of usage

Sealing of all types of external or internal, façade joints, contraction and expansion joints, dynamic cracks: roofs, parapet walls, vertical walls, corners of windows & door frame, joints & gaps: floor slabs and industrial floor, joints in precast elements, water reservoirs: storage tanks, dams, canal lining


• Can be used for joints upto 40 mm

• Allows joint movement upto +/- 25%

• Paintable

• Excellent adhesion

• Environment Friendly