SmartCare Unyverseal

Asian Paints SmartCare UnyverSeal is a durable and odourless neutral silicone sealant for sealing of glass, masonry and sanitary joints. It is a non-acetoxy elastic sealant based on high quality poly siloxanes which cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable seal.

Subtrates for application

Wood, metal, masonry, glass, sanitary, glazed surfaces, unplasticised plastics (polyester, etc.)

Areas of usage

Non-masonry joints up to 25 mm wide on interiors/exterior surfaces, sanitary and metallic joints, joints in the kitchen: between walls, platforms & floors, exterior metallic and masonry joints


• Can be used for gaps up to 25 mm

• Can withstand joint movement of +/- 25%

• Low shrinkage

• Non–corrosive

• Neutral curing

• Anti-fungal: ISO 846 certified

• Water resistant & UV resistant

• Odourless