Parameters Units of Measurement MicroConcrete LS MicroConcrete HS Patch Repair Mortar
Flexural Strength Mpa 9.5 12 8 Mpa
UV Stability Stable/ Unstable Stable Stable Stable
Tensile Strength Newton/m 3.1 3.9 2.5 Mpa
Compressive Strength Newton 50 70 38 Mpa
Density g/cc, Kg/m3 2297 2255 2111
Pot Life Minutes 60
Warranted Life Years NA NA NA
Type of System Seamless/ Overlapped Seamless Seamless Seamless
Method of Application/Ease of Application Easy, Moderately difficult, Difficult Moderately Difficult Moderately Difficult Moderately Difficult
Work Cycle Fast/ Slow Slow Slow Slow