Parameters Units of Measurement APP Membrane System EPDM System
Flexibility Elongation in % terms 40-50 400
Tensile Strength Newton/m 714/480 10 Mpa
Tear Resistance Newton 340/320 160
Water Retention Cabaility Bar ( 10 Mtrs) 7
Density g/cc, Kg/m3 3.62 kg/sq.m 1.42 kg/sq.m
Bond Strength (Adhesion to Substrate) N/mm2 9
Coverage kg/ Sqm 1x10 mt 220 mt
Curing type & time Air Cured/ Water Cured in days 1 day
Warranted Life Years 5 10
Cost/ sq.ft. L+M 55 120
Type of System Seamless/ Overlapped Overlapped Overlapped
Method of Application/Ease of Application Easy, Moderately difficult, Difficult Difficult Difficult
Work Cycle Fast/ Slow Slow Slow