Terrace & Roof

Terraces and roofs are directly exposed to weather elements and can cause leaks if not protected properly. We offer waterproofing solutions for terraces and both flat and sloping roofs, to keep your house safe from leaks during monsoons.
Parameters Units of Measurement Damp Block 2K System Damp Proof System APP Membrane System SmartCare FlexiSeal PU
Flexibility Elongation in % terms 100 280 40-50 600
UV Stability Stable/ Unstable Stable Stable Unstable Unstable
Tensile Strength Newton/m 714/480 2
Tear Resistance Newton 340/320
Water Retention Cabaility Bar ( 10 Mtrs) 5 7
Puncture Resistance Newton
Crack Bridging mm up to 1.2 up to 0.8 2.6 mm
Density g/cc, Kg/m3 1.26 3.62 kg/sq.m
Bond Strength (Adhesion to Substrate) N/mm2 0.8 6.5
Water, Vapour Permeability g/m2 /24 hrs/ mm of Hg 0.3 22.2 gm /sq.m
Coverage kg/ Sqm 0.65 Sqm/kg 1 Sqm/ltr 1x10 m 1.2 ltr/sq.m
Pot Life Minutes 60 min
Time for recoating Hours 4 to 6 hrs 4 to 6 hrs
Curing type & time Air Cured/ Water Cured in days 3 to 5 hrs 4 to 6 hrs
Warranted Life Years 5 5 10
Cost/ sq.ft. L+M 30 45 55 75
Type of System Seamless/ Overlapped Seamless Seamless Overlapped Seamless
Method of Application/Ease of Application Easy, Moderately difficult, Difficult Easy Easy Difficult Moderately difficult
Work Cycle Fast/ Slow Fast Fast Slow Fast