Parameters Units of Measurement Hybird PU Sealant CrackSeal Textured Crack Filler Crack Shield
Flexibility Elongation in % terms 350 65
UV Stability Stable/ Unstable Stable Stable Stable Stable
Moment Accomaodation Factor % 25 7.5
Crack Bridging mm 40 3 10
Density g/cc, Kg/m3 1.35 1.28 1.91
Coverage kg/ Rmt 45 (4mmX6 mm) 75 55 (5mmx5mm)
Curing type & time Air Cured/ Water Cured in days Air cured Air cured Air cured
Warranted Life Years NA NA NA
Type of System Seamless/ Overlapped Seamless Seamless Seamless
Method of Application/Ease of Application Easy, Moderately difficult, Difficult Moderately difficult Easy Easy
Work Cycle Fast/ Slow Slow Fast Fast