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why asian paints

At Asian Paints, we want to help you discover not just your path to success, but also the budding leader in you. We promise an environment that provides a richness and variety of experience. We want our employees to work in a space that allows learning, exploration, and contribution, and endeavour to engage them through challenging work and meaningful conversation.

The opportunity to interact with multiple functions and disciplines will bring about functional expertise and insights into inter-disciplinary collaborations. We reward merit, encourage openness, and respect individual opinion.

At Asian Paints, you make your own path.


Learning is and has always been an integral part of our culture. We believe that people learn best when they observe, experiment, and reflect. We follow the 70:20:10 rule of learning – 70% is learnt on the job, 20% through observation and interaction, and 10% in classrooms.


One learns tremendously from a highly competent set of peers and hence we strive to achieve a performance-oriented culture at work. We have an unbiased ‘Performance Focused Management System’, so that every employee is appropriately recognised and rewarded.


Our ‘Compensation Philosophy’ is based on commitment to fairness in compensation and transparency in communication. We benchmark it regularly with external markets. We strongly believe in internal equity and practice effective compensation.

what do we look for?


We constantly look for the right questions and invoke group intelligence to solve problems. At Asian Paints, we encourage you to grow by constantly seeking to understand and identify key issues and learn on the job.


We foster a communicative culture that focuses on building lasting relationships with our partners, customers, dealers, or work environment. Unity plays a big role in helping us achieve common principles and goals


We value self-belief and discretion and encourage our employees to learn, experiment, and implement. Every contribution is shared, assessed, and modified for the betterment of our systems and processes.

current vacancies

We’re always looking for talented, young, and driven individuals to work with us. If you’re interested, look through our current vacancies and send in your application.



summer internships

We believe that internships are important, not just for you, but for the organization as well. We want young minds who can work on live business challenges and we trust our interns to excel against all odds even if it may be the first time that they are taking up such work.

Our summer internship program has been a long-standing tradition and an important way for us to select our next generation of achievers. Interns find themselves learning under esteemed seniors – many of whom are B-School alumni themselves. We conduct frequent reviews to track progress.

Those who excel are rewarded with a PPO/PPI. Our summer interns are never lacking in mentorship or opportunity.


Successful careers are built on the strong foundations of learning, relationships, and contribution. These also form the basic tenets of LEAP - Leadership Excellence at Asian Paints.

LEAP is a program specially designed for managerial trainees with the objective of gearing them up to take on responsibility independently. Being exposed to different functions across the company, you will be well-equipped to figure out your role in the larger scheme of things. Flourish in your capacity by discovering the culture, values, and practices that have come to exemplify Asian Paints. Our workshops will shape your skills and our top leaders will find time to interact and cultivate your leadership skills. Before you know it, you would have found new impactful opportunities in your career.

our canvas

Each colour has a different expression and so does every individual. We believe in letting our people find their own path and truly excel.

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