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Cracks & Joints


Fluctuations in humidity levels and temperature changes causes cracks and joints water seepage and leakage to occur on walls. We are here to help you seal these structual occurrences on your walls with our expert opinion and simple waterproofing solutions.


How to tackle hairline cracks appearing inside the house?

The most important factor in finding a good crack filling solution is to ensure that cracks to do reappear. Here we recommend SmartCare Crack Seal for minor hairline cracks (upto 3 mm) on walls. For cracks between switchboards, window frames, door frames use SmartCare AkrylMax. Since Akrylmax is a paintable product, the cracks would be covered neatly under paint. For cracks in bathrooms, masonry surfaces use SmartCare Unyverseal. Unyverseal is a silicon sealant that comes in 3 colours (white, black and transparent) and can cover such joints effortlessly. For exterior cracks use Textured Crack Filler (for cracks upto 10 mm), to make sure the filled crack blends effortlessly with the exterior textured walls of the house.

How to repair cracks that have appeared on the balcony surface?

First check if the cracks are superficial plaster cracks or deep structural cracks. For plaster cracks, use products like Crack Seal to fill up the cracks (upto 3mm). For structural cracks, special products like repair mortar may be used for filling up the cracks.