Tile Waterproofing





Laying of tiles using the right method is as important as the quality of tiles used. If not done correctly, it leads to problems like wall dampness, cracking, hollow sounds and leakage dampness issues due to water ingress through tile joints. SmartCare products are great for solving and preventing tile related waterproofing seepage problems.


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What is Tile Waterproofing?

With building a strong foundation come waterproofing requirements that will maintain the condition and durability of your home’s structure. Tile waterproofing is one of the most important things to do during construction. Laying tiles improperly can result in problems like cracking, wall dampness, leakage, seepage, and hollow sounds as water can ingress through the tile joints. Asian Paints SmartCare range has everything you will ever need for tile waterproofing. From a tile gap filler to a tiles adhesive, we have got you covered with a range of tile waterproofing products that will protect your home’s interiors from the nightmare of water-related problems arising through tile joints.

What are Tile Waterproofing Adhesive Products?

Waterproofing tiles gap filler products are used as a tile joint filler to fix the gaps and cracks between tiles. This provides a great tiles leakage solution by preventing water ingress through the cracks and gaps, resulting in dampness, leaks, seepage, and the growth of mould or mildew. Asian Paints tile waterproofing products in the SmartCare tile adhesive range are a perfect pick for waterproofing roof tiles or perhaps any other space in your home. Let’s give you a glimpse of the different Asian Paints tile adhesive products you can use in your home.

- For Tile on Tiles

SmartCare waterproof tiles For Tile-On-Tile Application is a perfect cement-based polymer-modified tiles adhesive for fixing tiles on already-existing ones over the floors and walls of your home. This tile adhesive cement is made using special additives that provide exceptional bonding and grabbing properties.

- For Exterior Tiles

When looking for a tiles waterproofing product for the exterior tiles, you can count on the SmartCare Tile Adhesive for Normal Applications, which is perfect to fix tiles on the exterior walls. You can also opt for the SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesive, which is an ideal pick to fix glass mosaic tiles both on the interior and exterior surfaces. It is a great waterproof tile adhesive for swimming pools and can also be used as a bathroom tiles gap filler.

- For Heavy Stone Tiles

SmartCare Tile Adhesive For Stone & Heavy Tile Application is a perfect product for the application of waterproof tiles for terrace and other exterior surfaces. This heavy-duty adhesive fixes natural stones and large ceramic tiles on your home’s surfaces while also providing exceptional waterproofing properties.

- For Normal Tile Application

The SmartCare Tile Adhesive For Normal Application is sturdy and perfect for both home interiors and exteriors. It has a long pot life and is a ready-to-use mixture of sand, cement and special additives. It does not require water curing or pre-soaking of tiles and is an ideal choice to make bathroom tiles waterproof.

What are the advantages of Tile Adhesives?

Tiles adhesive products can be used to make bathroom tiles waterproof, provide a tiles leakage solution, and be used as a tile joint filler. These tile gap filler products are very easy-to-use and do not require being pre-soaked. The tiles can be grouted within a day without having to wait for the moisture to evaporate. The tiles adhesive products offer better bonding strength and are a faster and more efficient solution to your tile waterproofing problems.

Why Choose Asian Paints Tile Adhesive Products?

Asian Paints has been a leading company in the paint industry since 1942 and has now become an industry leader in the world of waterproofing products and services with its SmartCare range of waterproofing products. The Asian Paints tile waterproofing products offer a great tiles leakage solution and come in different materials to fix different tile requirements in your home. Some SmartCare bathroom tiles gap filler can be used to make bathroom tiles waterproof, while another can be used as a tiles adhesive or tile gap filler for exterior walls. With an amalgamation of technological advancements and a desire to build you a sturdy, healthy home, Asian Paints has created a range of products that will fix all your tiles adhesive requirements.

Which adhesive is best for tiles?

It depends on the application and material of the tiles in your home. For example, if you are looking to fix heavy stone or tile on your terrace, the SmartCare waterproofing roof tiles For Stone & Heavy Tile Application would be your best bet. However, for glass mosaic tiles in your bathroom, you must use SmartCare White Multipurpose Tile Adhesive.

Is tile adhesive better than cement?

Yes! Tiles adhesive products are known to grip better than cement. They offer high bonding strength, can be applied to a variety of surfaces, and are faster and more efficient alternatives. They are easy to use, can be grouted within 24 hours, and do not require waiting for the moisture to evaporate.

What are the 2 types of tile adhesive?

There are two main types of tiles adhesive products: ready-mixed pastes and powdered adhesives. The ready-mixed pastes can be used straight out of the tub, whereas the powdered tiles adhesive products must be mixed with water to create a slurry-like consistency for use.

Can waterproofing be done on tiles?

Yes, waterproofing can be done on tiles. In fact, waterproofing tiles is a common practice to protect underlying surfaces from water damage and prevent water seepage. There are different methods and products available for waterproofing tiles, depending on the specific requirements and the area to be treated.

Does the tile floor need waterproofing?

Yes! The tile floor needs waterproofing as water may ingress through the joints of these tiled floors and cause leaks, seepage, and dampness in the surrounding spaces.