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Asian Paints how-to-videos gallery guides you throughout your painting journey. You can pick any of the painting categories below and clear all your doubts regarding the paints, its application procedure and all related queries. Get started on a stress-free and comfortable painting journey by just clicking on play.

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  • How To Paint Metal

  • Painting Process For Exterior Walls

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  • About Smartcare Hybrid PU Sealant

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  • About Smartcare Vitalia

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  • About Smartcare Multipurpose Polymer

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  • About Smartcare Damp Block

  • About Smartcare Unyverseal

  • About Smartcare Akrylmax

  • About Smartcare Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane

  • About Smartcate Tile Adhesive for Tile on Tile Application

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  • About Woodtech Aquadur Wood Stain

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  • About Woodtech PU Palette

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  • About Woodtech Emporio PU

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  • About Woodtech Aquadur PU

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